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What is the "Infinite Self", "Higher Self" or "SC"?

Dolores Cannon refers to the Infinite Self as the "SC" or subconscious. When she began her career in the 1960's, that is the term that was widely used to reference the hidden part of our consciousness. In more recent times, with the ushering in of the New Age movement, this term has been somewhat left behind for the more attractive wording of "Higher Self", also denoting the hidden part of our consciousess. This hidden aspect of our consciousness, the SC, Higher Self, or Infinite Self is actually a multidimensional source of stored information. It knows/has the answers to everything and is connected to both the individual and the collective consciousness. It knows exactly what to focus on during a QHHT session or a Soul Journey session, and provides the information directly to the client. The Infinite Self does not speak to us directly through our conscious mind, but rather indirectly through our feelings. Carl Jung referred to this aspect of our consciousness as the "collective consciousness", or what religion or spirituality calls the Akashic Field, God, Creator, or Source.

Why is connecting to the Infinite Self/SC important? How can that help me?

All of our core beliefs are buried deep within the subconscious mind, and until a change takes place at our core, change will not become permanent or lasting. This is because in moments of stress or low-vibrational experiences or feelings, we revert to old habits and thought patterns. This often leaves us feeling depressed since we thought that we had already dealt with old issues. Therefore, it is important to explore the source of these patterns. Everything that has ever happened to us is stored deep within our subconscious mind, but is not readily known to our everyday conscious mind. Every like and dislike is stored there; every antidote to healing, well-being, and balance. We would become overwhelmed if we had to consciously remember all of that information, which reaches beyond our present life, spanning additional timelines, such as past/present/future/parallel lifetimes.

Why can't I use my conscious mind to figure out the answers I seek?

Think of the entirety of your consciousness as an iceberg. The concious mind/awareness is the part of the iceberg floating on top of the water. The much larger, mountainous portion of our consciousness is hidden beneath the surface, remaining unknown to us. The subconscious is not a lower awareness, but is actually the fully functioning part of us that drives our every decision. It is the reason for our likes, dislikes, passions, fears, excitements. No matter how we label this "hidden" part of our consciousness-the unconscious, subconscious, higher conscious, or super-conscious-it contains all of our Soul's total knowledge.

How does it feel to take a QHHT or Soul Journey?

Entering other dimensional experiences has been described as several things; passing through a veil or membrane, driving through a still, watery fabric, moving through spirals or tunnels, passing through colors, and many other ways. Whatever feels right for your soul. People have described feeling as though they are floating, and as they float, they do not use their own willpower to move, but rather feel as if something is pulling them or moving them through their experience. All people describe this as a pleasant experience.

During hypnosis or meditation, am I really just making this all up?

To quote Paramahansa Yogananda; "Imagination is a portal through which you can transcend the imposed limitations of this world." Quantum sessions are built upon accessing awareness, expanding awareness, and integrating awareness. The mind must access information through its non-linear, non-judgemental state of imagination, rather than through the limited, finite conscious mind. Focusing our attention inward uses the imagination for "perceiving", however it is not the same as creating a fantasy, even though the exploration of our own consciousness can seem fantastical from our everyday life. Fantasy is self-created, but there are times when the imagery or ideas seem to spontaneously come from out of nowhere without any promting from you. Even these types of insights, thoughts, or impressions derived from hypnosis or meditation can seem like a fantasy. But ask yourself, why do these specific ideas show up, and how do they relate to the underlying themes in your life? Imagination is imperative to multidimensional travel. Trust the process and know that the information shared during a quantum journey comes from different levels of your very own consciousness. There is plenty of time for analysis after the session is over.

What if I'm not a visual person?

Many people think they will not "see" anything, so they doubt that hyposis or meditation will work for them. However, using the imagination is a useful and powerful way to engage all of our senses, which is what we want to have happen, as the body will act on those images and turn them into reality. Hypnosis or meditation incorporates relaxation and the use of imagination, as it is the bridge or gateway to our true self and our multidimensional soul essence. Using the imagination may not mean that a person actually sees clearly-defined images or a flowing movie. It may be that all the senses come together in their own unique way. I prefer the term "impressions" rather than "pictures", which allows enough creative space for the answers to manifest. That said, everyone has the ability to visualize, as it is the natural process we use to access our memories or construct our perceptions. Our memories, daydreams and even our nightly dreams reside in the same area of our consciousness.

How does a quantum journey bridge my conscious with Subconsious or Infinite Self?

The conscious mind is primarily driven and determined by the left hemisphere of our brain and our root chakra. It has and needs only limited amounts of information beyond our basic survival needs of our physical body. It acts like an interpreter, needing to process and analyze. It wants to quickly categorize how and where certain concepts fit into the belief systems of our subconscious mind. After your quantum session, we will have a debrief, and all relevant information given by the higher consciousness can be analyzed by the conscious mind.

What is the Collective Consciousness?

As human consciousness is evolving, we are remembering our connection to the wholeness of All That Is, recognizing and accepting our multidimensional nature. Contrary to what we've been taught, consciousness is not caused by chemical reactions in the brain. The brain is part of the physical body and physical world, and it serves as a receiver of consciousness. Our infinite consciousness has its roots in the Akashic/Unified field of the collective. Collective consciousness is expressed through many individual filters and finite perspectives. It is One Mind expressing Itself through many individuals. Having a quantum journey provides us a direct glimpse into the quantum field, allowing us to know the answers relevant to our own individual growth. Consciousness is understood through our own personal experiences. The more experience we have, the more our consciousness expands. As our consciousness expands, we increase the awareness of our connection with our inner world and the infinite wisdom we have. Our filtered perceptions occur unconsciously, like software programs running in the background through the hardware of our brain. The various fields of consciousness that express through us are a part of the universal collective consciousness being filtered through us.

Regardless of who and what we believe we are, all of our individual information and life stories are found within the collective consciousness. Engaging with this field depends upon our personal evolution, making each person's solutions and answers entirely unique.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and controversial methods of transformative therapy. The myths and misconceptions that surround hypnotherapy mostly stem from people’s ideas about stage hypnotism. The truth is that stage hypnotism is essentially a theatrical performance and has about as much in common with bona fide therapeutic hypnosis as many Hollywood movies have with real life. A common misconception is that hypnosis is being in a deep sleep; however, hypnosis is NOT sleep...it is not being out of control, or for the weak minded or for the gullible. Quite simply, hypnosis, is the ability to relax, focus, concentrate and use your imagination. In the simplest terms, hypnosis is a relaxation technique, in which the client follow the guidance of the practitioner (through active listening) to reach a state of heightened concentration and relaxation. This is called the “hypnotic state,” and it’s similar to daydreaming, or that feeling of losing track of time you get after driving for long periods of time (which is called “highway hypnosis”). Under hypnosis, you remain conscious and in control. But you’re relaxed and highly focused. This allows you to tune out stimuli around you and reach a heightened state of awareness.In this state, the mind is highly responsive to change and transformation in the hypnotic state. And that’s why hypnosis is so powerful. In fact, hypnosis is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration.

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